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Japan Intends to Take Lead on SBSP

In all the discussion surrounding China and the U.S. plans’ to become the leader in clean technology, one must not discount Japan and their vigorous involvement in getting their own SBSP initiatives off the ground. 

As reported in our September issue, Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has recently announced plans to deliver Space Based Solar Power to earth by 2030.  After 10 years of encouraging research, JAXA in conjunction with heavy-weight technological companies (such as Mitsubishi), believe that costs and technology will not be the issue in making this a reality, but instead public policy could be the drawback.

The system they have devised will aim to produce up to a gigawatt of power in the initial stages which “will cost Japanese consumers a sixth of what they pay for power now.”

According to this article by the Examiner, “Charles Miller of the Space Frontier Foundation told CNN, The country that takes the lead on space solar power will be the energy-exporting country for the entire planet for the next few hundred years," and right now Japan is winning the race.”

To read the full article click here.

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